Plate To Page Tuscany image by image


 Almost a week after the in my eyes, wonderful Plate To Page Tuscany workshop, I think it is time I post some photo impressions. A few things to say before I leave you with the photos, the first is a big Thank You to our participants:
some of them at work
olivia and denise help IMG_8578

 Marta | Kate | Valentina | Lynn | Alexandra | Elizabeth | Hayley | 
Olivia | Heidi | Robin | Denise | Judith

a few of the sponsor products and setups for our shoots
zwilling IMG_8576 Smaromi IMG_8564 bisol prosecco

and to our generous sponsors:
ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS | Sunchowder’s Emporia | Taste of Home | Gourmelli | Smaromi |Peppadew International | Bisol Prosecco | Riso Gallo | Nielsen-Massey | 
TABASCO® | Matcha Factory 

and the second is that we have announced the next Plate To Pace venue here so now all you have to do is to keep your eyes open for when we open up for the registration!

valentina meeta and jeanne Jamie denise and marta

  I suggest you to take a look at Meeta’s and Jamie’s blog posts about the P2P, Jeanne’s is coming up soon, as well!

IMG_8686 crossword necklace white artchokes cheese sketch cheese and artichokes reds IMG_8600