Six years of blogging – let’s have some Thin Pork Rolls With Green Beans, Sesame Seeds and Parmesan


 Last Tuesday Lucullian chimed in 6 years of existence and although I had planned to celebrate it with a cake or something, it completely passed by without me remembering it at all. Though I think it is significant that I forgot it because I was busy shooting food for a magazine job because that is what my blogging has brought me, a complete change of my professional life. And to a certain extent the rest of my life. New friends, new profession. And all in six years, sometimes I wonder at how much things can change in only six years and I think that these six years have been the longest in my life but that doesn’t depend on me blogging but on other things. The true reason is that both my parents died and that has been the so far hardest events in my life. And I know that these kind of things will occur more frequently as I grow older. If I don’t die first of course. Anyway, hard as it has been, blogging has been a life saver in many ways because the response I have got from you who read my ramblings really helped me through bad times and good times. But because of sorrow being one of those things you can’t share completely, it has been of great help to talk about it here and to feel how much many of you care and reached out to me.


 I can’t say that my blogging always have been constant, the blogging mojo sometimes disappears completely and then it re-appears like now because lately I have been a pretty good blogger I think. Or sometimes I haven’t had the time but you are patient with me and wait for these moments to pass. Sometimes I feel like a cork in the water, you push it down but it always pops up again-I wonder if I ever will manage to let go of blogging? I also have to say that I have been very fortunate, not only do I have the greatest readers there are, I have also have had the fortune to be chosen and nominated for lists and prizes (though I don’t think I ever won but that is not the aim of my life anyway) throughout my blogging career, the last one is being included on Saveur’s 55 Great Global Food Blogs list-all I can say is Thank You Saveur for being repeatedly nice to me! Now these lists are obviously not the truth or final in anyway as there are so many fantastic food blogs out there that it is virtually impossible to keep up with them all and to include even a a 1/100th of them so I feel very fortunate indeed to be considered.


So here I am still, tapping away on my keyboard and creating recipes that I take photos of to post on the world wide web. Looking at it that way, it sounds like a truly silly way to spend your time but I love it and I cannot but thank you all for being there and above all being so faithful (many of you) and above all being so generous and nice with me.  Love and Peace to all of you!


I do have a recipe for you, no cake though but in stead I serve you a real life saver when time is scarce and you want to make something a little more elaborate. These Thin Pork Rolls With Green Beans, Sesame Seeds and Parmesan are nothing new but still very good to remember now and then and they taste good too. So have a sip of wine and read on.

Thin Pork Rolls With Green Beans, Sesame Seeds and Parmesan-7Thin Pork Rolls With Green Beans, Sesame Seeds and Parmesan-5

4 servings

12 thin slices of pork loin
36 green beans or haricot vertes, cooked al dente
sesame seeds
4-6 tblsp freshly grated parmesan cheese
extra-virgin olive oil

 Take the slices of meat and beat them even thinner with a flat meat beater. Then sprinkle parmesan cheese and sesame seeds evenly over each slice. The parmesan is salt it in itself so salt the meat just a little.

 Put three green beans at one end of each slice and roll them around the beans, fasten with a toothpick and fry gently all around in olive oil in a skillet or pan.

 Serve with a salad or something else you think is good.

Thin Pork Rolls With Green Beans, Sesame Seeds and Parmesan-3