Children’s food for grownups – Chocolate Semolina Dessert With Cinnamon and Honey-glazed Walnuts


I sneaked this little dish into my photo schedule the other day because I felt that I needed to do something for me, my own stuff and not only dishes created by others and following the visual wishes of others. So now when I am having a short break before the madness starts again, I will try to do my own work here. It is great having lots of work obviously but as I discussed with my friend Bron Marshall (who is busy working on a new issue of her online magazine), you do need time to do your own things in order to get back at least some trace of creativity in your mind. Right now I am looking through food magazines, tearing or cutting out the photos I like to then put them in my image collector. Yesterday I was looking through all the images I have collected that somehow has struck me in one way or another and I felt very small indeed, there are certain food photographers that have that genius streak that makes them create images that I can look and look at without getting tired.  

spoon and leaf

 Two of my children don’t like milk while the third drinks it for them all. But that obviously doesn’t help the unwilling ones, they still need to get the goodness that is contained in the milk so I have learnt to disguise it as well as it goes. Semolina with chocolate and milk has been very successful with the son and not long ago I realized that with a little help it could be transformed in a little comfort dessert!

Chocolate semolina dessert with cinnamon and honey-glazed walnuts


4 servings
200 ml/ 0,85 cup semolina flours, the coarser type 
900 ml/ 3,8 cups milk, I use whole fat but you can use other kinds
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
3-4 tblsp sugar. Or more. Or less.
200 g / 7 oz good quality dark chocolate broken into pieces
honey-glazed walnuts, roughly chopped. I glaze mine the easiest way (drizzle walnuts with honey and put them in medium warm oven to dry/glaze) but there are lots of recipes out there if you want to do it the proper way.
a small pinch of salt
 Mix semolina, sugar, cinnamon and milk in a pan and heat it up stirring all the time. After a few minutes cooking, add the chocolate and mix until completely melted. Don’t cook too long or it gets too stodgy, go for a more fluid feel.
 Put the chocolate semolina in small bowls and top with the walnuts. I also added some chocolate flakes  

Chocolate semolina dessert with cinnamon and honey-glazed walnuts-3