Irish Soda Bread – Bread Baking Buddy Roundup

I’m late with this roundup because I have been away on a job but now I am back for a while and one of the first things I want to do is to post this Bread Baking Buddy roundup, they, our dear Buddies, have patiently been waiting in the wings so here we go. No not straight away, first I want to give you a link to post with the recipe of the bread: go here; then I want to say that I am a bit surprised that we only have four Buddies with us this time, considering how easy and quick to make this bread is but maybe people don’t like soda bread? or are scared of making it? Or could it be that a few of us baking it had problems with a chemical taste in it? The majority no but there are obviously something that provokes it, be it in the bread or on our tongues.

I was very happy to see that Michelle of The Beauty of Life baked a beautiful gluten-free version of the soda bread and that she also liked it!

Another one who baked and liked the bread is Janet from Barre None who took this as an opportunity to get baking again!

Connie over at the my discovery of bread on the other hand did not like the bread because she too felt that chemical taste. I am seriously beginning to think it must be a Dutch taste gene that causes people to feel that taste! Anyway, I’m happy she joined in and blogged about it because life is variety!

And to conclude, there is Judy who also baked and liked it, steer over to to Judy’s Gross Eats to see what she thinks bout it!

A big Thank You to our Bread Baking Buddies, it is always a joy to bake with you! (and if I have forgotten someone, please contact me and I will immediately add you!)