Would you let your waistline determine where you live?


Would you let your waistline determine where you live? My answer to that is Yes! When Marco and I discuss probable places where we could live, there are two important factors that we always consider, one is the climate and the other is the food. Food.  Food has been an important part for all of my life of course, how would I have survived to this day if I hadn’t been eating food? But for more than half my life it has been important in a different way, a more profound way and moving to Italy has definitely changed how I look at food in many ways. It has been a bit like being pregnant and suddenly realizing that you actually have a body and beginning to listen to what that body is telling you. Suddenly I saw food from the seasonal point of view, I satred to go with the flow and to look forward to what each and every season bring us, to go and gather chestnuts in the woods around here in Autumn, to enjoy all the wonderful winter greens and light up the grey with oranges during those bleary boring winter months, to feel exulted by fresh peas, strawberries and asparagus when Spring finally arrives and indulge in all that abundant summer produce. To eat light when it is hot and go for the heavier stuff when it is cold and you need more energy to warm up that waistline of yours. I have learnt so much about food and eating here and I have enjoyed so much good food that I don’t think I could live in a place where food is just food, something that you eat to keep you alive. A good things with living in a country like Italy is that basically the food is very healthy, it is is an integral part of life and the culture and that to me is a determining factor when it comes to  choosing where to live (if you ever can make that choice), and if that will increase my waistline (and I would like to point out that my fluctuating waistline depends on my bad character and not the food itself, how could I ever blame my own blemishes on the food of where I live?) so be it!
This post is part of a sudden and improvised ‘writing exercise’, but maybe it is more of a thinking exercise really, that I am doing with Mona of WiseWords, Simone aka Junglefrog, Astrid of Paulchen’s FoodBlog?, Jamie of Life’s A Feast and Jenn of Jenn’s Cuisine so you have the possibility of clicking around to read more points of view on this subject!