It’s Paper Chef time again – Marbled Chocolate Focaccia With Cherries and Lime Sugar


 We, Mike, me and Owen (yes, the Creator of Paper Chef!), finally managed to get Paper Chef going again  after a break of eight months. About time really because it is one of my favourite food blog events with a long history, it started in 2004, and one that I used to participate in quite often once upon a time when I was a good food blogger. I love the concept of creating a dish or dishes out of four ingredients and to see how differently everyone interprets them! This month we have bread, lime, chocolate and berries to play around with and I hope we will see a lot of interesting entries. I sort of missed the take-off (yes I know, that is sooo bad but here we are) but Mike who is this month’s host let me extend the deadline from tomorrow the 7th until Friday the 10th so if you want to participate, check out the Paper Chef blog here. And if you don’t participate this month, please do it next month.
Bread, lime, chocolate and berries, could it be easier? It could I suppose but they just scream comfort food to me and when I saw them yesterday I only had to incorporate them into the baking plans I already had; I was making focaccia, I had nice cherries in a bowl and lime and sugar at hand so I immediately thought about making a Marbled Chocolate Focaccia With Cherries and Lime Sugar. I only added cocoa powder to the original dough and only added sugar on top of the focaccia which turned out well but if you want, you can obviously add sugar to the dough as well. The only thing I will change next time I make it is to add more cherries on top of it! Oh and I added some chocolate shavings on top of it as well, just to make it more… chocolatey.

Marbled Chocolate Focaccia With Cherries and Lime Sugar dippy


1000 g / 2,2 lb flour
500 ml / 2,1 cups water
25 g / 8,8 oz fresh yeast
½ tbsp salt
½ tbsp sugar
4 tblsp + more to drizzle over and put in pan of extra-virgin olive oil
100 ml high quality cocoa powder
400-500 g/ 0,88-1,1 lb fresh cherries
1 lime, grated zest of
3-4 tblsp sugar (or more if you want)

 Dissolve the yeast melt in a little of the finger-warm water. Add the rest of the water, sugar, salt and olive oil. Stir and add almost all the flour. Work the dough and then you add the cocoa powder, knead on but don’t work too much or you wont get the marble effect. Leave the dough to rise until double its size.
 Pour some oil in any kind of oven-proof pan and, depending on the size of the pan, flatten with your hands or roll out the dough with a rolling pin either in one piece or in two round and flat cakes. Put the focaccia into the pan onto the oily surface. yes.

 Mix sugar with the grated lime zest.

 Stone the cherries and cut each in two, put these on top of the foccaccia, you should more or less cover the surface with them, sprinkle with lime-sugar over and drizzle some olive oil over the focaccia.
 Bake in a pre-heated oven (175°C/350°F) for about 20-30 minutes, it depends on the size of the focaccia, it should be golden and the cherries soft when it is ready.

Marbled Chocolate Focaccia With Cherries and Lime Sugar