So many things: P2P, life and an Egg and Grilled Tomato Sandwich With Fresh Herbs


So many things going on right now, work, life and on Thursday I leave for Weimar where our first Plate To Page workshop is starting on Friday, the one we announced back in in October last year and which is now here! We have been working hard on it all, well, I think the others have been working harder on it than I have but my time will come this autumn when we are doing it again here in Italy, in a fantastic Italian villa down in the valley below where I live. Anyway, we have fantastic sponsors, just check out here, to make us work, eat and drink well! Unless there are internet problems I will be doing some live blogging from Weimar so do look in later on in the week.

I also hope you enjoy the the roses I photographed last evening in my garden, I finished a job yesterday and suddenly realized that I was missing all the beauty out there, I love when the roses flower and in the evening light they are at their most beautiful. If you want to some more, click here.

Another sandwich, you can see that I am living a busy life at the moment, all I seem to post about are sandwiches but it is one of those periods when sandwiches seem to be the best solution to it all. Enjoy it!
Egg and Grilled Tomato Sandwich With Fresh Herbs

1 large tomato
1 egg
1 tblsp freshly chopped herbs like sage, thyme, basil, parsley, rosemary, oregano-you choose and mix what you have at hand and that you like
extra-virgin olive oil

 Grill the bread.

 Slice the tomato into thick slices and grill them in a grid pan or just a skillet if you don’t have one of those. Cook until the tomato slices are softish.

 Poach the egg (or fry it if you prefer). Mix the chopped herbs with a little olive oil.

 Now assemble the sandwich: first you put the tomato slices on the bread, if there are any juices, drizzle these on the bread before putting the tomato on it. Salt it. Then you put the egg on that and finish with adding a little salt and drizzling the herb oil over it all.  Ready to eat.

Egg and Grilled Tomato Sandwich With Fresh Herbs