Plate To Page Weimar 2011 – the Review! (well sort of)

  ©Julia House

Did I say live blogging? That just shows that right in the middle of the pessimist there’s a true optimist. As if anyone had time to do any blogging, all we managed to type were the 140 characters of Twitter and hardly even that now and then. I think I can safely say that the first Plate To Page Workshop in Weimar was a great success and that one of the main reasons to that were the fantastic people who decided to spend their time and money on coming to Weimar to hear us talk about food photography and food writing and how to make the two work together. Just look at all the people in the photo that we took on our way to a French/Breton restaurant with fabulous food, can’t you see how they shine with passion, dedication and personality? Simone, Mona, Jenn, Astrid, Ken, Mitch, Deborah, David, Julia, Ishay, Jasmine and Arthi-all of them incredibly focused and talented and what else can you wish for when you are leading a workshop? I know that we – me, Jamie, Jeanne and Meeta, were completely delighted with these people and that we have all found new friends!

  © Simone Berg/Junglefrog

 Well there was one thing – all these photographs that I had to be in, I don’t mind when people take photos as long as I don’t have to be in them but I couldn’t avoid that and now I feel kind of depressed when I see myself-I want to live in this illusion I have of myself instead-where did it go?? Maybe you get the drift when I say that this is the best photo I have of myself. It tells it all. But I do love having the photos of the rest of the group though, they are all so beautiful as you can see in the first picture!

Food was the protagonist though as you can imagine, we had loads of it and it was all fantastic!
goat's cheese and salad
julia chocolate

We had the incredible fortune of getting beautiful props from the Chicago based prop stylist Paula Walters, not only is she an incredibly talented prop stylist but she must be the nicest one too! See her blog here.

We had other sponsors too, Jamie, Jeanne and Meeta managed to get P2P really great sponsors. The main one is BoardBia that provided us not only with two fantastic participants (Mona and David) but also with a variety incredible food, just look at the beef in the photo above, I still dream about it! And they gave things for the ‘goodie bags’ that each participant were presented with. We had lots of great wines from Wines of South Africa as well, my only regret was that I had to keep my head clear to be of any use for the participants… Ergo knives gave each of us this incredible knife, it is a dream to use it in the kitchen! Hotel Chocolat gave us each a box with savoury chocolate ‘things’ for cooking, we had some really delicious Kouginettes from Chocolatier Georges Larnicol, and glutenfree salted caramels from Sweet Pete’s! And as if that wasn’t enough, we had two Lowel Ego lights from Prokit for two lucky winners (Jasmine and Astrid as it turned out). A big Thank You to all our sponsors who put all this trust in us and who generously gave all these things to us and the participants of the Plate To Page workshop!

The biggest Thank Yous though go to all the partcipants who made this a magic weekend and to my fellow organizers – three lovely ladies with whom it is a pleasure to work and to be friends with! THANK YOU ALL!

leaves & flower