Finally some Sunday links again!


Time for a few links, nothing that concerns food though.

I like people who really go all the way through with an idea or a concept, like the photographer Irina Werning has done here.

I really like August Sander, his photography moves me, especially this photo for some reason, and I think that Mark Laita’s series Created Equal is a fine ‘descendent’ of his art.

This is me most of the time made into a chart.

And here you can just flow with the wind.

And to finish a poem. I have since my teens always liked graveyards, I find them peaceful and despite all the sorrow that the deaths have caused, happy places. I finally found a poem that explains my feelings. Even though I know that my parents’s bodies actually are resting under the grass on their grave, I feel peace and it is not those moments that make me feel sad or miss them acutely.