Celebrating being a Saveur finalist – Pasta With Green Peas, Rucola and Crispy Parma Ham


You cannot imagine how surprised I was yesterday when I received an email from Saveur telling me that Lucullian Delights is one of the finalists in the Best Regional Cuisine category. And happy too of course but the first impact was that someone was pulling my leg because I never expected Lucullian to be a finalist there and in such fantastic company, the food blogs in the category are all really interesting but I obviously hope you will vote for me even though just being a finalist is a win in my eyes. You have to register to vote but even though it seems complicated because you can only come from the US (Hey Saveur, we are loads of people reading you out here in the big, wide world!), you can always pretend like lots of us have done! And to vote and in the other categories while you’re at it, so many nice blogs to discover.

Peas in wooden box

Anyway, this gave me the kick I needed to actually start preparing something to blog about and not just feed you visual food but also some real food as well. Fresh green peas are abounding here right now so I I wanted to make something fresh but yet filling, something with pasta because I haven’t posted a pasta dish here for ages. So this is what I am celebrating with for lunch, a combination of fresh peas (but you can use frozen if you want), rucola and crispy Parma ham, easy peasy!

Pasta With Green Peas, Rucola and Crispy Parma Ham

4 servings

400 g/ 14 oz pasta, I used penne
250 g/ 8,8 oz shelled green peas
2 handfuls of rucola. Or baby spinach if you prefer
8 thin slices of Parma ham (prosciutto crudo)
some white wine, optional
fresh marjoram
extra-virgin olive oil

 While the pasta boils, cook the peas and marjoram in some olive oil in a skillet or pan, add a splash of white wine or water if you prefer and let it cook until peas are soft but still al dente. Don’t forget to salt and if the peas are not sweet enough, a pinch of sugar as well.

 Now take a non-stick pan and fry the slices of Parma ham gently until crispy, when ready, leave to drip off any excess fat on kitchen paper.

 Just before you add the freshly cooked pasta, throw in the rucola and stir until it starts to wilt, then it is time to add the pasta, mix well and crumble the crispy Parma ham over before serving it.

Pasta With Green Peas, Rucola and Crispy Parma Ham