The allure of the topping – Vegetable Crumble With Pecorino and Toasted Seed Topping

Vegetable Crumble With Toasted Seed Topping

Yet again I have been inspired by the French edition of Saveur, when I was in Milan for a job this Monday, I had enough time to drop in at the best news agent’s at the Central station to get the latest issue. Among many other nice recipes and photos, they had a feature on crumbles and one of the toppings proposed was one with seeds in it and I immediately decided to try to make a Lucullian version of it. 
I used the vegetables I found in my fridge which is sadly empty and echoing right now but you can take whatever you find in yours, that’s the beauty of crumbles I find. I added some cooked chickpeas to make it a bit fuller and more nutritious and then I used rosemary and ginger, the flavours that I find have similarities.
Well what are you waiting for I wonder, start crumbling!

Vegetable Crumble With Toasted Seed Topping

4 servings

2 big carrots, sliced
1 big leek, sliced
1/2 big celery root, cubed
3-4 handfuls of fresh spinach
300 g/ 10,5 oz cooked chickpeas
fresh rosemary, finely chopped
freshly grated ginger
extra virgin olive oil

200 g/ 7 oz flour
100 g/ 3,5 oz butter
1 tblsp sesame seeds
1 tblsp sunflower seeds
1 tblsp linseeds
2 tblsp pine nuts
3-4 tblsp grated Roman pecorino or Parmesan cheese
1 largish pinch of salt

 Cook the vegetables in some olive oil, beginning with the carrots, the celery root and the rosemary. After 3-4 minutes, add the leek and then again after a few minutes, the chickpeas and the spinach. Fry gently until the spinach wilts and the vegetables are soft.

 While the vegetables are cooking away on the stove, make the topping: Toast the seeds in a non-stick pan, the linseeds have a tendency to go off like small missiles so keep a lid at hand. Then mix flour, cheese, salt and seeds and add the cold butter in pieces and start doing the crumble, rubbing flour and butter between your fingers.

 Put the vegetables into a greased oven-proof form and then cover with a layer of the topping. Bakein a pre-heated oven (200°C/390°F) for 20-30 minutes.

Vegetable Crumble With Toasted Seed Topping