Three years of pure bread baking delight – Bread Baking Babes third anniversary


I’m not the kind of person who regrets, what is done is done if it was bad I better do something about it, if it is good well then I am just happy about it. One of those things that I have done that I feel happy about is joining the Bread Baking Babes three years ago when Tanna and Karen asked me and a handful of other bread baking bloggers if we were interested in starting a small group with the scope of baking a different bread each month. I didn’t hesitate. We didn’t have a name and the only thing that was clear that there were no rules and slowly, slowly no that is not true because we found the rhythm of the group almost immediately; the banter on our blog was deafening at times and I never thought one could discuss flour in the way that it was done. We started out with two really difficult breads, how I toiled and felt inadequate despite my many years as a bread baker, but then I had always been a free-hand baker and that is really not very good for improving your skills.


After a while I started to lust after bread baking books and more bread books and I started to try out a lot of new breads on my own or in the company of some other Babe, usually Karen and/or Tanna. Every month I have tried out new flours and forms and different fermentation processes, I have visited different countries and culinary traditions through the different breads we have made and above all, I have met in my opinion the most fantastic bread bakers there are! I have made many new friends and I have lost friends, I have become a much better bread baker but above all I have been a very happy Bread Baking Babe with all my heart and I hope to remain one as long as I can! Thank You and cin cin to you, Babes!
We are celebrating this event by baking one of our favourites among all those breads that we have made throughout the years. It was a very difficult choice so I thought about which bread had been a hit with the whole family and thought that Challah must be the one because even the dog liked it so much that he stole one of the loaves from the kitchen table.If that isn’t a sign of success, you tell me what is! The recipe of the Challah is found over at Sara’s blog i like to cook!