Explore the sweetness- Shallot and Bay Leaf Pie


I don’t know if I dare to say that I feel better and hopefully the others in this family too (except one little poor one) but so it is and if I will be punished because I dare to say it aloud-so be it! When I was lying there in bed with fever I realized that I felt a bit like when I travel, suspended in time and space with the mind completely free to wander around like it wants. When I was in my early twenties I lived outside Stockholm in the countryside for a couple of years and I absolutely loved the long bus-rides in to the city or out to where I lived. The longer they took, the better because after a while I fell into some kind of meditative trance that was enhanced by the fact that the route of the bus was always the same. How I enjoyed tose bus rides. Later on I used to take the train to Italy or England and I loved to sit there hour after hour and look out of the window of the train while my thoughts rambled in that strange suspended space that travelling creates. Being in bed ill is a bit like that but unfortunately with an ill body too. But your fantastic response to my post of last week really cheered me up infinitely and so did all the good vibes! How could I ever stop blogging here after reading your comments? And as I write this, I can see the sun shining in through the window, it is such a long time since it made itself seen so I take it as a good sign-it’s time to move forwards!
Shallots are beautiful little things, both to photograph and to eat. I have a soft spot for shallots or small onions cooked in butter with a little sugar and salt so I thought that a little onion filled portion pie could be a good idea. And to enhance the sweetness of the onions I added bay leaves.

Shallot and Bay Leaf Pie

Shallot and Bay Leaf Pie
4 portion pies or 1 big pie

1 kg/2,2 lb shallots
4-5 bay leaves, very preferably fresh ones
4-5 heaped tblsp or more of butter

pie crust:
5 medium sized potatoes
100-150 g / 3,5-5.3 oz butter or olive oil
500-600 ml / 2.1-2.5 cups flour
1,5 tsp baking powder
a pie crust of your choice, home made or bought

 Start with peeling the onions. Melt the butter in a not too wide pan, and add the onions and the bay leaves. Add a little sugar and a little salt. Cook slowly on low temperature and taste to get the sugar and salt balance right.

 When the onions are soft and transparent, put the pan aside and make the pie crust: Boil the potatoes and when they are ready, press them through a potato ricer. Do it while they are still warm because when they are cold it is really hard to press them through the little holes. Let it cool down a bit before adding butter, flour and the baking powder. Check if it is salt enough. You might have to add more flour if the potatoes are very humid, the dough has to be elastic and not too ‘hard’. Line the individual pie forms or a pie tin with the dough, use the leftover dough to decorate with if you want.

Fill the pies/pie with the onions and bake in a pre-heated oven (175°C / 347°F) for about 20-30 minutes depending on which pie size you have chosen.

Shallot and Bay Leaf Pie