Almost like my mother’s – Simple Swedish Pancakes


I know that I go on and on about how my blogging mojo somehow has vanished and how that, paired with a lot of work, is slowly killing Lucullian. On the one hand I would be OK with that but at the same time there is a voice in me screaming “Are you insane?? After all you have got from Lucullian, not to speak from your readers??” And I agree with the voice, quitting would make me feel ungrateful somehow. And I would miss it a lot.  And you. More than I can imagine now. But I have been doing some thinking and I know that one of the reasons I have problems with the food blogging thing is that I just don’t feel like inventing recipes any more. I want to cook without feeling that I have to do write about it and photograph the food but above all I just want to try out other people’s recipes and enjoy their creativity. I used to love thinking about what to create for Lucullian and for you but that joy is for the moment gone to other pastures so I decided yesterday evening when I was laying in my bed that I will post about any kind of food without considerations about whether my recipes are particularly creative or not, I will blog about what comes to mind which even could be off topic sometimes so bear with me while I ride through this blogging crisis, please.
The first food I really remember  seeing my mother make are pancakes. She made wonderful pancakes and she was always ready to drag out her iron skillet to make pancakes for us or our children. I felt a certain irritation when I came to see her with the children and she asked if I had given them any food, as if I wouldn’t feed my own children? Especially being my mother’s daughter? Unlikely! I think it really dawned on me that she was ill when she stopped asking her standard question when we opened the door: “Did you eat?” I wish I remembered the last time she asked me, before she slipped into that impenetrable fog that is Alzheimer’s disease and before her being lost that essential energy that was she. She did remain very much like herself but that particular person that was Kia wasn’t there any more. I am sure there are many of you out there who know what I mean. But back to the pancakes, when I used to make them I realized that I would never manage to get that signature flavour she managed to add by just whisking the ingredients together, sometimes I came close but often not. That was until I realized that one thing that I could do to make the pancakes taste more like hers was to burn the melted butter a little, that really gives a nice flavour to them!

Simple pancakess

4-5 pancakes

200 ml/ 0,85 cup milk
100 ml/ 0,42 cup flour
2-3 tblsp sugar
barely1/2 tsp salt
1-2 eggs, my mother always took 2
50 g/ 1,75 oz (or more) butter
butter for the frying

 Put half of the milk together with the flour, salt and sugar in a bowl and whisk until smooth, then add the rest of the milk. By doing it this way, it is less likely that you get lumps in the batter.

 Add the eggs and whisk. Melt the butter in a skillet, iron skillets make the best pancakes in my view, until it has browned a bit, not too much obviously but don’t be scared.

Pour the melted butter into the batter and stir and then fry the pancakes and serve with a little of salted butter and sugar like we used to eat them or with whatever you enjoy on your pancakes!

Simple pancakess