Taralli Pugliesi – Bread Baking Buddies

Do you remember the taralli I posted about in mid-December? Maybe you also remember that it was I who choose the Bread Baking Babes bread that month and therefore am responsible for the Bread Baking Buddy roundup? Well I did but then completely forgot about it until now and here I am, full of shame for being such a sloppy BBB host with no memory at all or maybe I just managed to repress it for some strange reason, trying to escape from my responsibilities?? What a horrid thought, I must say that I prefer the bad memory theory so I will cling to that.

But here I am now, with a handful of fantastic and dedicated bakers who managed to cut out time during the festivities and the preparations thereof to bake with us, a laudable feat in my eyes. They baked and then managed to remember to blog about it and send me the link, I should try to follow their excellent example instead of meandering around in a no-baking nowhere. But before I start, I want to say two things, one is that it is the posting date for this month’s BBB challenge (and I am not participating as you can see, I didn’t forget but couldn’t find the flour) so please check out what my fellow Babes are doing with their ovens. And I also would like to tell you that we now are a group on Facebook, Bread Baking Babes and Friends if you want to join in the baking fun there!

Michelle of The Beauty of Life is a wise woman, she bakes instead of going skiing and when the snow blew in she comforted herself with yoga and baking taralli, I just can’t help approving of that choice but then I’m no sportswoman.

I was delighted to see that my old blogging friend Didit who blogs on Didit in France joined us and made taralli as a loving gesture to her half-Italian husband who loves taralli. Her daughters realized that if you made them bigger, you finish earlier and there is nothing wrong with that because they are actually get made in different sizes here as well.

Lois of Bring Back the Bliss made gluten-free taralli, I so love the idea because in this way gf bakers can enjoy the beauty of taralli! And I am sure many of you will find this useful both for yourselves and for your gf friends, taralli are perfect nibbles when you invite people for a drink! Thank You Lois!

I was happy to see that Nicole of Bread butter and buns appreciated making taralli after all the Christmas cooking and baking, and it seems to me that she caught the allure of taralli in her last sentences. (You got to click over to read)

I extended the deadline a little and Heather of Girlichef immediately jumped on the occasion and joined us a Buddy, what a wise girl that is!

A big Thank You (and please forgive me for being so late) to these Bread Baking Buddies, I hope all these bakers and more of you will keep on baking with us and joining our Facebook group because baking together is such a great way to get to know new friends! (Did I miss someone??!! Don’t let it be so but if I did, write to me and I will add you straight away)