Links on Sunday

arance limoni

Today I am obviously on the sentimental side because I have come up with a lot of old friends links for you:

I hope you are already opening Bron’s Advent Calender, if not there is always time to start now! That she is a great, great friend of mine you already know.

One of the first food blogs that I stumbled upon when I started blogging in 2005 was Barbara’s Tigers & Strawberries and I have always been following her despite the fact that we blog about completely different types of food. Or maybe just because of that. And I was sad last February when she decided that she wasn’t up to continue to blog because of personal reasons but I understood her fully. So when I suddenly saw her back in my rss reader last month I was happy, happy to see that she was back and happy that she was feeling so much better. She is a great food writer and cook so I can highly recommend her blog!

Another blogger who has been with me since my beginnings is Paz, she is a true friend (who I shamelessly neglect, what a bitch I am) and I love to see New York through her eyes, she manages to make me feel as if I am there somehow because she avoids the usual photo rhetoric and shows us the small details and the real people of her city! Paz’s New York Minute is definitely worth keeping in your reader!

Another old blog friend is MsBrownMouse who has made this incredible pie, I am absolutely planning on making one soon, it looks incredible I have to say, all these layers and colours and the shapes….

Post Secret always makes me think. We need to think.

OK and now some other links:

Just saw this over at DIY Photography, an e-book called Your Complete Guide To Building A Photography Studio At Home that might be of interest to some of you maybe.

and why not listen to this program about food tribes

OK, I’m off now, need to make some cream for the Zuppa Inglese we are going to gorge on this afternoon!