Links on Sunday-all about food


Today I will only share food links because lately I have seen so many nice dishes and recipes that I would love to make myself but also share with you:

Lovely Soma of E-Curry has these incredible Poppy Seed and Chickpea Encrusted Potatoes that the potato lover in me craves to make as soon as possible!

And then Ahn posted these Vietnamese Meatballs and now I want these as well!

And what about these fantastic Pumpkin Pancakes that Karri has made, and they are gluten-free too!

I have always loved Cookiecrumb and her way of cooking, this dish is no exception!

I have been wanting to make Madeleines now for quite some while but I can’t find the madeleine forms that I want, Tammy she was lucky enought to be able to loan pans to try them out. And look how nice they look.

Bron is a guarantee for good food and inventive recipes, just check out her Wasabi Pea and Salmon Tartelette and you see what I mean!

Aren’t you a bit hungry now? I am!