Week two in Milan

shooting chocolates

First of all I want to thank everyone for your kind and lovely comments, it’s so good to feel your support! Last week was really busy as we had to finish the first catalogue and there were always something popping up. Above all unforeseen changes which meant that I had to stay until Saturday to shoot the last photos but it seems as if it is all well now. I hope.

white and red

There are certain things that are different when you do commercial photography compared to what I usually do, one of the main ones is that it is the product that reigns supreme and sometimes it can be a tiny bit difficult to make nice atmosphere photos with a not that photogenic product. But I have learnt a lot by having to shoot things that I normally wouldn’t shoot but at the same time adapting them to my style because my style is why they choose me and not one of the thousands of fantastic photographers out there. Compromises, compromises, always those blasted compromises!


Another aspect to think about is the layout of the pages where the photo has to appear, if it is on a left or right hand page. Often you can just flip over the images but when there is text you obviously cannot do that which means that you have to consult frequently with the art director about his or hers intentions. Luckily I’m working with an easy going AD who knows his job very well. The composition of the photo need to be considered as part of a layout and that can complicate things.
This week we are starting on catalogue two which deals only with food photography and as the amount of photos are pretty massive, I will be assisted by a food stylist who will help me to work smoothly. I will tell you more about it next week. Now I have to start stacking all the wood that arrived an hour ago before it starts raining here again, right now I live a life full of contrasts!

autumn leaf