Sunday links, this time to myself

hanging out

I just don’t have the time, well to be honest the energy to think up new recipes, cook them and the take photographs right now, I am silly enough to feel a bit guilty so I thought that I could post some links to recipes that I posted last year about this time and that I like. And as I never seem to get around to update my recipe index, you might not even have seen them. Ever. Or you might have and forgotten all about their existence. I hope you will enjoy them.

Eggplant with wine cooked lentils, olives and oregano was quite good I remember, the lentils get a more interesting taste by being boiled with some wine in the water.

Another recipe with eggplant, Potato cakes with eggplant and chives. I’m a potato lover so this is obviously a dish for me!

Crostini with goat’s cheese and caramelized rosemary apples. The name says it all.

Beetroot with pink pepper and pine nut vinaigrette, a very nice little starter or side dish.

Baby spinach salad with pears, cheese and toasted sunflower seeds is also nice, sometimes I like a salad with a little sweetness in it.

A soup, there must be a soup too so I give you Roasted cauliflower and potato soup with rosemary. Not bad at all.