Links on Sunday

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It’s time to get back to Links on Sunday again, this week I have mainly photo related links so let’s begin with the two food related ones:

The spring issue of Bron Marshall Magazine is out and it is better than ever, the recipes and the photography are fantastic and I warmly recommend you to check it out!

And then we have this post from Green Planet on how not to waste food in 50 ways.

so now it is time for the photo links, here you can see and read about a behind the scene of a cookbook shoot.

I find it more interesting to see how the parents rather than the son changes during the 20 years of annual photos.

I love people with ideas, like this recreation of Seurat’s painting Grande Jatte.

And I am fascinated by colour photos from the past, here you can indulge in many fantastic photos!

and just to keep up the tradition, following/looking at this gives you a perspective on time.

Have a nice Sunday!