How could I forget? Five years of food blogging

red cake on black

I have almost forgotten how to blog, it feels strange to be so absent from something that has been such an integral part of my life for five years because the 27th of September Lucullian Delights passed its fifth anniversary! All alone and forgotten by me. That is bad but now I am trying to amend for my neglect.

These past five years have been long, it feels so much longer than many other five years periods that I have passed in my life and I often wonder why this is so. One reason is that many things have changed in my life but then many other things are still the same. Maybe it is because both my parents died and that slowed down everything because it seems as if I have been missing them for an eternity while it obviously isn’t so. 
One thing is sure and that is that food blogging has changed immensely over the years, when I started very few people started food blogging with the view of earning money by it, it was still almost possible to follow and read most of the active food blogs out there. To be honest I liked it more then than now because it was less about stats and more about community but I think that the food blogging community still is one of the friendliest and nicest that there is in the blogosphere and I still enjoy food blogging a lot. And the major reason to why I like it is YOU, I feel as if I have the best readers in the world and without you and your support, my life would be so much emptier. I know I often go on about this but it is really how it is and do you want me to lie?? or not appreciate you?? noooo that wouldn’t be fair would it so I will go on about that as long as I blog! So I would like to dedicate this cake to you and say Thank You for these wonderful five years that I have spent with you, some of you even from the start, and I hope you will keep on reading Lucullian and looking at my photos!
Love &Peace