cauliflower and Taleggio

Cauliflower might not be everyone’s favourite vegetable but it is definitely a good one. And beautiful too. I would even describe it as comforting with its round forms, the head of a cauliflower invites me to take it in my hand to feel the bumps and its interesting textures. But let’s not forget that it is a great vegetable to eat as well if you are so inclined. And I am. I am also a devout lover of the Italian cheese Taleggio, a creamy soft cheese from the north of Italy that has a nice distinct, rather strong taste that gives me a taste sensation every time eat it. And now when the autumn is here and I can indulge in soups, what is more natural than making a cauliflower soup with Taleggio to make these rainy days a bit brighter. Because today, and yesterday and the day before that come to think of it, the rain is steadily and rhythmically making itself known over here. I am totally bored.

A White Soup, Creamy Cauliflower and Taleggio Soup

4-5 servings

500 g/ 1,1 lb cauliflower, the white parts
1 small white onion, finely chopped
3-4 tblsp dry white wine, optional
1000 ml/ 4,2 cups water, you can also use a light vegetable stock
2 abundant tblsp sour cream
100 g/3,5 oz Taleggio cheese, diced without crust. You can use another cheese if you cannot find Taleggio although the taste will obviously be different. I suggest a strong Brie or Camembert or a cheese along those lines
black pepper, optional
extra-virgin oive oil

Fry the chopped onion gently until transparent and then add the cauliflower that you have divided into pieces. Add the wine and let it cook along for a minute before you add the water and salt.

Simmer the soup for about 20 minutes under a half closed lid.

Run the soup in a blender or use a hand blender) until it is smooth. Add the sour cream and the diced cheese and stir until completely dissolved, heat it up again if needed. Try for salt.

Serve with freshly milled black pepper.

Taleggio and Cauliflower