Sometimes big things happen in your small world that completely turn everything up side down, this is what has happened here in our family. Tomorrow I leave for a blitz visit to Sweden together with my oldest daughter and on Saturday I come back. Alone. She will stay there and finish her schooling and we will go on living here without her here and never in my life could I imagine that such a thing, in itself so natural (her leaving home I mean, after all she is 18), would make me feel so sad. You know that kind of sadness you cannot even really pinpoint because it is just deeply emotional without any real rational ‘meaning’ to it. I am all for my children living their own lives and I certainly don’t want to hinder them to leave home but I wasn’t prepared for this knock-out feeling. Anyway, I suppose this will be similar to when she moved out of our bed after 2,5 years of sleeping together, we, parents, felt devastated whereas she happily jumped into her new bed never to return to ours. I have to say that we didn’t experience the same feeling when the story repeated itself with the other two which is promising because if I will feel like this again and again, life will be pretty gloomy. Anyway, I will be a bit absent here this week unless I manage to find some time and space to update you but you can always browse here or visit my new but old photography blog  if you feel like it.

Having said that, I will now turn to today’s recipe. Red beetroots are back on my menu, I remember so well  how my mother used to eat them simply cooked with some good salted butter melting on the slices in the way only butter can melt, and I still think it is one of the best ways to eat red beetroots but that doesn’t mean that you can’t eat them like this for example, in a simple salad with a goat’s cheese cream embracing their sweetness. And some walnuts and a bit of thyme to make it even better. What do you say, could you eat this?

Beetroot With Goat's Cheese Cream, Walnuts and Thyme

4 servings

4 medium sized red beetroots
4 handfuls fresh baby spinach leaves. Or some other tender salad that you like.
150 g/ 5,3 oz fresh, soft goat’s cheese
150 ml/ 0,63 cup fresh cream
20-25 walnut halves, roughly chopped
fresh thyme

Boil the beetroots in lightly salted water until they are soft. Let them cool down a bit before you slid off the skin and cut them into dice or just slices.

Mix goat’s cheese and cream until you have a smooth and thick cream. Add a litte pinch of salt if needed and as much thyme that you like.

Put a layer of spinach leaves on each plate, then a layer of beetroot and sprinkle walnuts over. Finish it all with a good dollop/drizzle of goat’s cheese cream and serve.

Beetroot With Goat's Cheese Cream, Walnuts and Thyme