Pear and Marsala Clafoutis

We have a few fruit trees on our garden that I planted when we moved her, the prior owner having ‘bulldozed’ the garden to a flat nothing with one old tree left and five new forsythia bushes. I had a grand time planting and planting, I went wild on roses and planted 23 different varieties, almost all selected according to smell, I planted bushes and I planted some fruit trees, one of them a white peach tree that is a true survivor and that gives us the most delicious peaches every year. Not always many and never in abundance but that made them ever better, it makes us treasure them all the more, sweet, juicy and full of flavours. This year there were quite a few so I made a clafoutis with some them, I wanted the ‘egg cream’ to be a bit special so I decided to add some Marsala wine and a wise choice it was as it gave it a Zabaione twist! We devoured that particular peach clafoutis in record time and I had no time to photograph it, neither did I have the willto do it, I just wanted to savour it., but I made another one the other day, this time with a few pears that were laying around and it was almost as good. You can use any fruit you feel like and that is in season right now (I can’t vouch for oranges and such because I never tried to make a clafoutis with them but I will this winter!)

Pear and Marsala Clafoutis

4 servings

3-4 mature pears, depending on how big they are
3 whole eggs + 1 egg yolk
75 g/ 2,65 oz flour
150 ml/ 0,63 cup fresh cream
200 ml/ 0,85 milk
4 tblsp sugar
1 pinch salt
2-4 tblsp Marsala wine, you decide how pronounced you want the flavour to be

Peel and dice the pears.

Whisk eggs and flour quickly until smooth, then add cream and milk together with sugar, pinch of salt and Marsala and mix it well.

Butter an oven-proof form and distribute the diced pears evenly in it. Pour the egg cream over it all and bake in a pre-heated oven (175°C/350°F) for 25-30 minutes or until the cream has solidified and is slightly golden. Be careful not to bake it too long as it gets easily a bit dry.

Pear and Marsala Clafoutis