It’s back-Links On Sunday!

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This last week I haven’t been very active on the recipe front, it is not due to any lack of them, I just didn’t feel like writing down the actual recipes, it can be so boring but I will be better next week, I promise! At least I’m back to normal Sunday procedure, today I’m posting some Links On Sunday again and I have a lot of them to share with you, hopefully you will find at least one that make you happy. Or happier.

This is brilliant little film!

This is a post on the Wonderful Machine blog about how we look at photos, why look at them and how we talk and write about them.

I like this because it shows how we can use what seems to be blurry and unplanned for creating wonderful and unforeseen things, look at these drawings and think about how this can be applied to our lives, we are so easily stuck with routines and what we always see and do that we need to look again and see all the other possibilities we are offered.

To take a very hands-on example, check out this for example.

And when it comes to books, music and movies, this might help to discover new paths to stumble onto.

and it can even be applied to composting as well! (I’m a compost freak as well although I don’t dare to look closer at mine, I have a feeling that someone is living inside it and I don’t mean those who should live there)

And now a couple of food links, Kalyn makes food that I always feel kindred to, I am looking forward to the day when I can sit in her kitchen and eat at her table. I absolutely love cucumbers, I often eat them like others eat apples but this dish is definitely worth making!

Sandwiches are always worth exploring in my opinion, here’s a great place to do that!

And if you are interested in exploring Tuscany’s DOP or IGP product’s here you have a great map over at Tuscanicious!

And to round up, I have two blogs that I would like to recommend, both with a food connection. The first is A Food Lover’s Journey which is the blog of Anh, a very talented food blogger and photographer. I find her very inspiring.
The second blog is Still*Life~Style by the prop stylist Paula Walters, I’m very happy she started blogging after the Food Props on Sunday series here, I learn something or get inspired every time she puts out a new post!