Food Props on Sunday-Show us Your Food Props Roundup


I never thought that this Food Props on Sunday series would be so popular nor go on for so long but here I am, the last instalment after 11 weeks of weekly blog posts! It has been lots of fun to get all this positive feedback and to see what my fantastic guest bloggers have had to say but maybe I enjoyed even more to be allowed to take a look at what they keep in their cupboards like a virtual Peeping Tom with permission to peek! And now it is time to do the same with the prop collections of those fellow food bloggers who responded to my call Show Us Your Food Props! (And if you missed the deadline, don’t worry, I can add you later on because I would like this series to be like a ‘library’ to go to for food prop inspiration!)

The first out is Gosia from Majology, I always enjoy her blog and her beautiful photos and I am sure you will not only enjoy her post on props but to browse the whole blog!

Tanna of My Kitchen in Half Cups is not only a fellow Bread Baking Babe but also a true friend who I always have a lot of fun with despite the fact that she lives in Texas and I in Italy so I was delighted to when she shared her musings of food props with us!

I hope you can read in French because Dominique of De vous à moi has made a lovely post about food props on her blog, if not you can always look at her gorgeous prop photos, what a collection!

Ozoz actually wrote her post about food props back in January on her blog Kitchen Butterfly but had the good sense to send it to me to be included in this roundup, she is one smart woman I’d say and she has a lot of great props too!

And here we have Joanna of Green Gourmet Giraffe who not only show us her colcourful collection of props but she also has a most perfectly propped header for her blog!

Deeba of Passionate About Baking is a fantastic photographer and I was so happy when she decided to show her incredible prop collection for us, do read her post and enjoy her tales about exotic places to find food props, you might even decide to go for on a globe trotting quest for pro-pah food props yourself!

Not only do we have a French blogger with us here, I am very happy to present the Italian food bogger Jasmine from Labna, amore in cucina who shows us her collection and gives her point of view on this mania that most of us food bloggers suffer from!

Sarah of Maison Cupcake takes us with her to the recent Food Blogger Connect in London where someone have had the great idea of organizing a food prop swap, I love that idea and wish I could figure out some way of doing it online! Take a look and see if you can spot one of my guest bloggers there!

Next post comes from Paula who not only is a professional prop stylist but also started a blog, Still*Life-Style, just to participate in this event with a post about parts of her fabulous collection – I feel very flattered. Please do me the favour of going there and urge her to continue blogging about what she does, it will be profitable for all of us don’t you think?

Asha of Fork Spoon Knife has made a beautiful post about her props and her thoughts about collecting them and shooting the final photo, I am sure you will find something there that inspires you!

My lovely friend Aparna from My Diverse Kitchen shows us that it is not at all necessary to have a huge collection of food props, you just need to choose the right ons and then keep on combining them in new ways instead!

And now I would like to say a HUGE Thank You to all the participants of this event and to my guest bloggers and to You who have been reading and hopefully enjoying this series about food props! You have all made this a really good time for me with your passion and enthusiasm-Thanks!