Food Props on Sunday, part 7 – Guest Blogger Kristen from Dine&Dish

A bit late but here she is (the fault is mine, I went to the sea and came back home much later than expected) , my second guest blogger of the Food Props on Sunday series: Kristen from Dine & Dish who I have known for quite a few years now and who is one of the kindest food bloggers I know. She is not only a kind person, a very good writer but also a great photographer with an interest in food photography, I don’t know if you know about her food photography blog Culinary Snapshots but if you don’t, take a look at it, you will learn a lot and maybe you can submit one of your shots too. Anyway, I am extremely pleased to have Kristen here to talk about her view on food props and I hope you will enjoy it as much I am!

Just a quick reminder of Show Us Your Food Props! Write about and show us your own food props in any way you please, it can be only photos, you can tell us which ones are your favourite ones or just give us useful tips about how to find or make great food props! Blog it, link back to any of the Food Props on Sunday posts here on Lucullian and send it to me at luculliandelights AT gmail DOT com with your name, the name of your blog and the url to the blog post and I will include you in the roundup that is planned for the 4thof July! Please remember to put Show Us Your Food Props in the subject line so that I don’t spam your email.


I have to start out this guest post by saying how honored I am to be asked to contribute a post for Ilva’s series on Food Props. I have admired Ilva’s photography, both food and non-food, for many years, so to be asked to submit a post on food photography over here is beyond my belief. Thank you, Ilva, for the opportunity!
When it comes to food photography, I would consider myself to be a minimalist. This doesn’t mean I don’t use props. It just means that I set my photos up to be very simple in nature. Oh – don’t get me wrong… I have cabinet after cabinet and drawer after drawer of dishes, linens, utensils, textiles, etc. but I don’t do a lot of extras to adorn my photos. Some of this is out of personal style, but most of it is because I have four children who are constantly on top of me and under my feet, and the time I get to actually set up and take a food photo is nil.

2 placemats

First thing is first… linens. I learned early on how a simple napkin or two placed in the right spot or a lovely placemat can really make a photo. Having the linens in the photo breaks up the photo some and adds a layer of interestingness that otherwise would not be there. A well placed napkin can turn a photo from good to great.


Texture is the second thing I consider when I am setting up a food photo. When you think texture and food photography, think nicked up cutting boards, scratchy paper, burlap, crates, barn wood, rust… anything that has some old, worn texture really looks impressive in a photo. Take the old beat up crate that I store some of my linens in. When not in use, I can simply turn it over and use it as an old table top for my food photos. It is wonderful because it serves a double purpose!

Throwed Rolls 2

I’ve learned over the years that when selecting plates, bowls, cups, etc. a solid color photographs better with food than a pattern. By choosing solid colors for your food photography, you let the food have the starring role while your props are simply that… accessories to help create a level of intricate interest in your photos.


When it comes to adding to my collection of food props, garage sales, estate sales, flea markets, etc are some of my favorite places to go. I also buy a lot of my linens and salad plates (which is the only kind of plate I use in my food photos) at Pier 1 Imports. They often have great sales and a huge selection of food related items in a wide variety of styles and colors to suit everyone’s taste. Don’t forget Ebay and novelty stores for those fun items for specific photo shoots.


Food photography is just a matter of finding and creating your own style and going for it. Look through your favorite food blogs and magazines and when you are out shopping for food props, keep the style of food photography you want to accomplish in mind. Get ideas from others, but with a little practice and some creativity, you will soon have a style all your own!

Thank you Kristen for taking the time to write about and shoot your food props!

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