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OK I said I would post a recipe a day this week but I didn’t yesterday even though I had one ready, the reason was twofold: one was that I suddenly missed posting photos from my walks and doings, I haven’t been shooting that much lately and I realized how much I miss that so I took my camera with me on my different outings instead of blogging. The second reason is that Bron sent me a link to her new blog, I have known about her plans for quite a while now but I was still so taken aback by the beauty of the photos and her delicious recipes that I felt a bit ‘disintegrated’ and realized that I need to work much much harder here and that is what I am going to do. Will be back with recipes on Monday. She is very talented and you must click over and see it all. And read it too.

spring has sprung

Yesterday was just as it always seem to be here right now, sun one minute and rain the next but fortunately the sun shone when I needed it. The clouds were of a particularly beautiful type, I don’t know what they are called but you can see them in the photos.

tree to the left

I took a walk in the woods and in the city. Me and the old people because we seem to be the only ones who take strolls here during the day but that is fine with me, I always melt when old people smile and salute me when you meet in the street. It is one of the things I have always loved about living here, your existence get confirmed by every person you meet and that is precious to me.


The shadows were striking and even more so those of trees because the leaves are not out on many of them and the shadows the cast on houses fascinates me, maybe it is the contrast between nature and civilization.

tree house 1

tree house 2

tree house 3

I hope you will have a nice relaxing weekend, take it easy with the cooking, our lives don’t depend on it being abundant and extravagant, let’s go for a nice meal with our family or friends or both. And if you are alone and you feel up to it, make yourself something nice to eat because in the end, we only have ourselves despite the world around us and we deserve to eat well even if simple.

Sun leaf

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