One thing that I just can’t help liking about young Italian contemporary art and design magazines is that they seem to like me and that they obviously like going cross borders and feature food photography as a sort of contemporary art/design form. This is the second time I have been asked to ‘participate’ in an issue, a little more that a year ago it was ACTIVA, which is an international magazine about design, fashion, art, new technologies and new trends (and that I forgot to tell you about), and now it is Bang Art!, a really creative magazine that deals with hyper contemporary art and design and a lot of what you find in-between those two. The latest issue is dedicated to food and I was very happy and honoured to be one of the people featured in it. You can take a look at a part of the issue here, I promise you won’t regret it!


But all is not food for thought and eye, I also have something you can put into your mouth without too much effort. Easy to make, tastes a lot and looks as if you worked more than you did. And yes, here I go again, I’m still surfing on that pesto wave and I don’t seem to know how to get off it!

Asparagus and Pesto Filled Chicken

4 servings

8 thin slices of chicken breast, you can use turkey too
20-25 thin asparagus spears
pesto, bought or made by you
extra-virgin olive oil

– Break off the wooden part of the asparagus spears and cut them into small pieces.
– Fry the asparagus slices in a pan in olive oil until they have softened.
– While the asparagus cook, pair the chicken slices so that they fit in size.
– Mix the asparagus with the pesto and spoon the mix along the middle of four of the slices, not too much so that you can’t seal the slices, and then press down the meat round the edges.
– Fry the meat in the same olive oil that you used for the asparagus. Turn the slices over carefully, finish the cooking and serve with a salad or any thing you think is suitable.

Asparagus and Pesto Filled Chicken

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