Sunday links and photos


My Sundays have been lazy as far as posting links goes but here we go again:

I got this one from Dancingmorganmouse (thank you) and I just have to post it because I think it is really important reading for us who food blog and read food blogs (though it is not directed towards that target), we need to see a bit further sometimes.

Sara have an interesting post over at When I Have Time, maybe something for you?

Finally! I just wish they did it down here too! And this is nice too.

I love creativity!

Just to scare you a bit
. But after my youngest daughter had salmonella as a small child, I do think more about this.

I do so enjoy it when people enjoy themselves, like this guy evidently does!

One is smarter than the other.

I have got this strange longing for drinks and cocktails lately (sadly I just long and never drink any), if you are like me, here are the latest ingredients!

seen it before

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