Treasured Cookbooks

When I in December wrote about the pleasure reading my mother’s old cookbooks gives me, I was surprised by the feedback I got through comments and emails and it sparked off an idea about these treasured cookbooks we have around us. A couple of years ago, I did two pseudo events, it started off with me showing my kitchen in a blog post and timidly suggesting people to send me a link to a post where they showed us their kitchens and I was so surprised when I ended up with 50 kitchens to show! Six month later I made it again, this time it was Show Us Your Apron with 49 proud aprons on show. Then I stopped but now I feel it is time again, if you are interested that is, with a Show Us Your Most Treasured Cookbook! I think many of us, maybe everyone, have a cookbook that is special for some sentimental reason, it could be one that has belonged to someone who meant very much to you, a cook book that you cooked from when a child or maybe a cookbook with a recipe that you cooked on a very special occasion; there must be thousands of reasons why a cookbook has become a treasured cookbook but only you know the reasons to why yours is one. So why not share this with us? Make blog post about your most treasured cookbook, give us the story behind it and, if you feel like it, cook something out of it and make a link to this post. Send me your link to luculliandelights AT gmail DOT com, please put Show Us Your Cookbook as a subject so I don’t trash it by mistake, before the 17th of February and I will make a roundup of all our treasured cookbooks. If any. If you don’t have a blog, you can send me the story and I will post it in the roundup post.

Treasured Cookbook

If you are an habitual reader here, you know that my treasured cookbook is a book about baking. For a long time I had no idea of the title because I have only seen it in the sad state you can see in the pictures, no covers or details about printing year but I now know that it is a very early edition of the book, Sju Sorters Kakor, (first published in 1946) that has sold most copies ever in Sweden – 3,5 millions! And that in a country that now has reached 9 million inhabitants. I bet that most of my Swedish readers have a copy at home because it is a very good baking book, my children always use it when they want to bake. I started my baking career with it too and the cake you see here is the one I always made, often just because I wanted to eat the batter that I loved. And the cake tin you see is identical to the one I always used. The cake is really easy to make but always good, they still have it in the 87th printing that I have here next to me, there are some very small changes but it is still a winner but I obviously use the original recipe.

Treasured Cake

from Sju Sorters Kakor

3 eggs
300 ml/270 g/9,5 oz sugar
150 g/5,3 oz butter, melted
300 ml/210 g/7,4 oz flour
1 tsp baking powder

– Whisk eggs and sugar for 10 minutes by hand.
– Add the melted butter and mix well.
– Sift or just add the flour and baking powder and stir until smooth.
– Put the batter in a greased and breaded cake tin and bake in a pre-heated oven (175°C/350°F).
According to recipe you can put blanched and sliced almonds on top before putting it in the oven but I never ever did this so I didn’t do it now either.

Treasured Cake

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