Sunday links continues

misty morning

Today’s Sunday links are almost completely non-food related, just a bunch of links that caught my eye or made me a happier person. I hope you too will enjoy at least one of them.

Norman Rockwell’s photo realism made me very happy, I love the photos and I truly enjoy the changes he made to some of them when he made the illustrations.

One can have opinions about the amount of money spent on a film but judging from these photos, the results are spectacular!

I am still a literary historian deep down and I do love poetry, especially when read aloud because the rhythms of the lines and words are such an important part of poetry so this little audio library made me very happy indeed!

There is so much out there in the world to discover, even simple things like this.

And please, Santa, give me this for Christmas, I need one for the cold months in this house, just perfect to ‘wear’ when I recline on the sofa!

And talking about Christmas, take a look at Frizzifrizzi’s Christmas guide, it is added to all the time and don’t fear, many of the sites are in English.

the sun

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