Some photos and the HotM #31 roundup

in a fog

Rainy and cold here but today it is exactly the weather I need, I feel like pottering around, doing a bit of this and that and I realize that I am very fortunate to have the time to spend a day like this. One of the things I want to do this weekend is to work on my Paper Chef entry, take a look at the ingredients you too and see if you too can come up with something, I have a few ideas so my fun is ensured!

morning sun

But first I have to post the HotM roundup, small but good! The theme for November was Retro and we got some really nice entries from some lovely ladies:

First we have labelga from Leafy Cooking who not only made a classic Kugelhopf but also baked it in a retro ceramic dish for Armistice Day.

Soma of eCurry gives us a delicious Machher Jhal/Fish in Spicy Sauce, a dish she used to see her mother and grandmother cook and she also gives us her story about it. Click over and read it!

Sorshe Begun (Baby brinjals in mustard & yoghurt gravy) is the tasty dish that Indrani of Appyayan sent me, it is a dish that her mother makes and she is still trying to make it the way her mother does it but it seems as if her mother’s got the magic touch when it comes to Sorshe Begun!

Aparna from My Diverse Kitchen serves a dish that is more of a way of cooking vegetables than a specific dish itself and she has seen generations of women cook this way! Her Parippu Potta Beans Kari (French Beans With Lentils) are definitley worth trying!

I made Sweet Couscous With Pink Grapefruit and Pink Pepper and Michelle, who have had technical problems, will be posting her entry, Turkey Bacon Rumak, as soon as she can!

Thank you again ladies, I really enjoyed dining with you!

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