When I was a student and lived in a student corridor (maybe it is called dorm but we did live in very long corridors, one on top of the other) I must have eaten hectolitres of yoghurt every month, it is one of the few foods I remember eating there. Most of us lived on it because it was cheap and quick, but it took me many years before I could eat it again and still I avoid yoghurt with muesli. I am far more fastidious now about which yoghurt I eat now and I almost always choose Greek yoghurt and eat it with acacia honey, that is pure pleasure to me.

winter daisy

I have now been thinking about making a semolina dessert but I wanted it to be lighter than it usually is, more fluffy if you know what I mean. I like semolina a lot but sometimes it can feel s a bit stodgy so one day when there was a a bit left over, I tried mixing it with yoghurt (Greek obviously) just to see how it was and I fell in love at the first spoon.

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Here I have made a wintery semolina dessert with yoghurt and orange topped with honey and fresh ginger that adds a certain tang to the dish! I love it but then I love most things with Greek yoghurt and ginger. You can obviously use your favourite natural yoghurt as long as it isn’t too thin.

Yoghurt and Orange Semolino With Ginger Honey

4 servings

80 g/2,8 oz semolina flour
600 ml/ 2,5 cup milk
5-6 tblsp sugar
1 orange, the grated zest of
5-6 heaped tblsp thick yoghurt, I used Greek
5 tblsp (or more) liquid honey
fresh ginger

– Cook semolina flour in milk together with sugar and orange zest until it has thickened, it takes bout 10-15 minutes.
– Let the semolina cool down a bit before mixing it with the yoghurt. Stir well.
– Grate fresh ginger finely, as much as you like, and mix it with the honey.
– Serve the semolina in small bowls and drizzle with the honey before serving.

Yoghurt and Orange Semolino With Ginger Honey

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