Grump and recipes

snow is falling

We are covered with snow and it seems to me as if it has been here for ages. The problem is that when it snows like this, we are stuck here and right now, a few days before Christmas, that is not needed! We are fortunate to have a tractor driver who just loves to work so he has cleared the road but unless you have a four-wheel drive car, the ups and downs of the road makes it more or less impossible to go out driving. The schools have closed and some even for the year so here we are and I even managed to catch a pretty heavy cold too so today there is no new recipe for you because I can’t feel much taste and have only baked gingerbread cookies, following a new recipe that I didn’t even like much, better go back to the one I usually use.

our road

But I have a couple (or more) of suggestions for you, things that I would like to make myself here in the snowiness:

A rustic focaccia with lemon and rosemary is a nice treat to chew on when you drink hot and healthy Chai!

Talking about drinks, when you have been out in the snow, what else can you drink than a dense cup of chocolate?

These ginger candied orange wedges are pretty fabulous if a little bit tricky to make, the crunchy cover and the soft inside is a great combination!

And now a couple of cakes to choose from: these small chocolate and prune tarts are pure comfort food just like this chocolate and orange cake! Mmmm is all I can say

And to finish a gluten-free orange and coconut cake with ricotta frosting for those of you, but not only, who need to keep a gf diet!

Buon appetito!


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