christmas diptych

I hope you all had the Christmas you wanted and that you are ready to move on! As much as I like Christmas, I like it shorter and shorter. If I could I would take away all the Christmas decorations today but, and this is pure mother’s love taking over, I know how disappointed my children would feel so I keep it all up. And maybe I should be happy for myself, it is probably good for me anyway to have some Christmas feeling around me, after all there is none for the rest of the year.

knot and berries

winter diptych

Outdoors there are some colour around but on the whole it feels quite grey and brown. They can be nice too, grey and brown, I don’t want to exclude them from the palette because they do make pretty pictures as well and we are fortunate to have green grass and green olive trees here all year round. I realise that maybe I should just shut up and not complain when I write this so I will, I just leave you with the photos instead. And yes, I am on a diptych trip, the new layout here finally allows me to make them and I do!

cotto diptych

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