When I was thinking about which retro dish I would create for this month HotM, I obviously had to think backwards and that lead me to consider the strange habit we have to divide our past into decades and even manage to fit it into descriptive schemes. Time doesn’t exist or rather, time is a way to measure that we have invented, it is not inherent in our universe. Or at least I don’t think so but the infinite rejects any measures by its own definition so it cannot really exist as we see it so on the whole it seems a bit silly to do these decennial divisions but what can I do, they are there and they help you when you have to come up with a retro dish so what am I rambling about really.


Another thing that I couldn’t help noticing when I had decided what to do and was about to shoot it, was that I see these decades tinged in certain colours, to me the 70’s are very much about the colours in the photos below. Brown, olive green and orange are the first colours to come to my mind and I have to confess that it took me until this decade to reconcile myself to the colour orange. One reason to it was that it was my youngest daughter’s favourite colour for many years and it thus gained a positive quality for the first time in my life. Nowadays I find it a beautiful colour even though it is not my favourite one. Yet. See how the persimmons and the orange tinged leaves stand out in their beauty, they light up any grey autumn-winter day and all the old leaves, showing an array of yellows and orange, line street and paths, showing us the way.

Pink Grapefruits

BUT I am supposed to post a recipe here, not go on about time and colours. For some reason grapefruit came to my mind when I thought about doing something from the 70’s, maybe I am wrong but I remember it being very much in vogue then, at least in Sweden. Unfortunately I don’t own a ordinary cookbook from that decade, earlier and later ones yes but not a 70’s cookbook so I cannot verify this but retro is a state of mind anyway so I will go for it.
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Sweet Couscous With Pink Grapefruit and Pink Pepper

4 servings

3-4 pink grapefruits, it depend on how big they are
1 tblsp honey for each grapefruit (3 tblsp if you use 3 grapefruits and so on)
1-2 tsp pink pepper corns
200 ml/ 0,85 cup couscous, the fast type

– Cut out the flesh of the grapefruit and put it in a small bowl.
– Squeeze all the remaining juices over it and add the honey and the crushed pink pepper corns. Stir and leave it to marinate for 30-60 minutes.
– Strain the grapefruit of the juice that you measure, if it reaches 225 ml/ 1 cup pour it into a small pan, if not-add water until it does and then pour it into that pan.
– Heat up the juice and when it begins to simmer, take the pan off the heat, add the couscous, put on a lid and leave it to get absorbed for 5-10 minutes.
– Fluff up the couscous, divide it in the bowls you want to serve it in and top with the grapefruit.

Sweet Couscous With Pink Grapefruit and Pink Pepper

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