Savoy cabbage is in my opinion one of the best cabbages there is, it has a sweetness to it that makes it a pleasure to eat and it is really such a versatile vegetable; you can eat it combined with most things and you can eat it steamed, braised or raw with the same pleasure. And it is beautiful too isn’t it? I have to say that most vegetables and fruits are beautiful when you start looking at them, sometimes you have to create a special surrounding to make it more evident, they are really the best of still life subjects! And you can learn a lot of photography by taking photos of them, you learn how to use highlight and shadow in order to show the form at its best. And the colours, think of all the interesting colour combinations you can make if you don’t want to just let the beautiful colours speak for themselves.

Savoy Cabbage and Pancetta

The lovely green shades of the Savoy cabbage leaves don’t fade if you just steam or cook them quickly but if you braise them for long, they tend to turn into an undefined light brown, not very attractive but completely forgiveable when you taste the incredible sweetness that the cabbage develops with long braising. But today we have brilliantly green leaves as you can see.

Savoy Cabbage Parcels With Celeriac, Rice and Pancetta

5-6 parcels

200 ml/0.85 cup rice
250 g/10,5 oz celeriac
150 g/5,3 oz pancetta
5-6 leaves of Savoy cabbage
white wine
extra-virgin olive oil

– Cook the rice.
– Take one cabbage leave at a time and put them into boiling water and let them simmer for a minute or two, they have to soften. Take them up, rinse with cold water and put on a towel to dry.
– Cut the pancetta into dice and cook until golden.
– Peel the celeriac and cut it into thin strips or small cubes and cook them slowly in some olive oil until soft and even a bit golden. You can cook it in the pancetta fat if you want.
– Cut away the thickest part of stem on the cabbage leaves so that you will not have any problems folding them. Some people bash them instead to soften them, you choose which way to do it.
– Mix rice, celeriac and pancetta, check if it is salt enough and put about 2 heaped tblsp, maybe more, maybe less, in the middle of each cabbage leaf, it depends on how big the leaves are. Maybe you have small leaves and make 10 parcels, then you have to divide the rice mix in 10 arts instead of 5-6.
– Fold the leaves so you end up with cabbage parcels, I usually fasten them with a toothpick or two.
– Braise the parcels in a pan with a little olive oil and white wine, if you want you can throw in a sprig of rosemary.

Savoy Cabbage Parcels With Celeriac, Rice and Pancetta

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