Pink Peppercorns

I have fallen in love with a spice again, I really have to stop meeting them in this way but it is so difficult to stop. This time the object for my passion is pink pepper, oh the fruity yet pungent aroma makes my spirit soar above these boring grey clouds that are covering the sky. I think it is a fantastically versatile spice, it is good in both savoury and sweet dishes, not to speak about baking. How many spices can be used like this I ask? And it is so pretty too. So I have been using it a lot lately, today I serve you a dessert where I have combined pink pepper with lime, a nice combination even though it isn’t one of the prettiest dishes I have ever seen. But now and then we have to rise above the visual and be more profound and if you feel that this is one of those moments, this is for you.

Lime and Pink Pepper Jelly

6 cupcake sized jellies

450 ml/ 1,9 cup water
200 ml/0,85 cup sugar
1 abundant tblsp pink peppercorns
4 tsp gelatin powder. To be sure, check the directions for the perfect measures. You can use other types of ‘jellifying’ ingredients.
100 ml/0,42 cup lime juice, freshly pressed

– Mix gelatin with a little water, around 1 tblsp and leave to absorb.
– Crush the peppercorns lightly and add them to the water and sugar in a pan. Bring to the boil and then let it simmer for about 5 minutes.
– Add the lime juice to the liquid and then while it is still warm, add the gelatin. Stir really well until it has dissolved completely.
– Pour into forms and leave to solidify.

Lime and Pink Pepper Jelly

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