Heart of the Matter – A roundup

September’s (and half of August) HotM theme was the letter A, heart healthy food that in some way has an important A in it and although we didn’t get many entries this month, they are very interesting and varied!

The first out is Lisa from The Cutting Edge of Ordinary who made us a non ordinary Crunchy Apple & Grape Salad that looks great and if you use lowfat mayonnaise, it is practically bursting of heart health!

The second up is Soma from eCurry who has made a delicious salad of Quinoa with Apricot, Asparagus & Almond, it sounds nice and fruity with a bit of an acid sting that I think must be perfect with quinoa. And she even managed to get in three straight A’s into it! Bravo!

I really like labelga of Leafy Cooking‘s interpretation of the A theme, she made an Alcalic fruit drink with grapefruit and watermelon, a combination that I like very much, it’s light, fruity and thirst quenching! And healthy too.

Sweatha of TastyCurryLeaf who sent in a lovely Almond Soup-Spanish Style and I am very happy she did because that is a kind of soup I am very attracted to and if you follow the link in her post you will get the recipe to another almond soup! Couldn’t be better, could it?

My fellow HotM co-host who also happens to be one of my oldest food blogger friends (we started about the same time fours years ago) Michelle, used one of Hawaii’s deliciacies for her entry, sea Asparagus in her dish Sea Asparagus and Tofu Salad. Now I am not only envious of her for living in Hawaii but also that she can get sea asparagus when she wants…

I made Aubergine With Wine Cooked Lentils, Olives and Oregano and Avocado With Ovenbaked Honey Onions, Grilled Corn and Orzo

A big thank you very much to all of you and please let me know if I forgot someone or messed up the links! And keep your eyes open for Michelle’s announcement of October’s theme!

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