Sunday links and not a single one about food

a promise

Some Sunday links to enjoy:

Edvard Koinberg
is a really talented flower photographer, I saw some of these photos in a small exhibition that accompanied a conference where I presented a paper some years ago on Linneaeus and this summer I received the book Herbarum Amoris which has been published this year. Wonderful work as you can see from the website.

What would a list of links here be without one that deals with the space? Here you can listen to the universe.

One of the nicest food bloggers I have met in real life is Sara Rosso from Ms.Adventures in Italy who is a really kind person and I keep forgetting that she actually have another website/blog called When I Have Time where you can find lots of information about technicalities about blogging and such. And she is happy to answer you questions too so don’t hesitate to do it!

For really good reading you must visit the blog A Singapore Taxi Driver’s Diary. Do it!

I know I have said it before but I do it again, I really recommend Designer’s Block, an truly inspiring place and it is more so because Di is such a nice and generous person. And no, she doesn’t pay me for this, I just like her and her blog a lot!

And to end in glory, just check out these men, irresistible or what do you say. I wonder if they ever kiss? Or how they sleep?

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