I really wanted to participate in this month’s Paper Chef, having missed last month, that I actually am posting my entry in time and I even made two tries before coming up with something worthy of being called a PC entry. My first try, small ricotta and chocolate balls covered with a ginger caramel coating and served on a pear and vanilla sauce, is the one I like the best but it was impossible to make it turn out the way I hoped, well the first one turned out the way I wanted but it was very fragile and the rest of them were covered in a sugary fudge coating due to the small amounts of chocolate and ricotta that melted into the caramel. Pazienza or patience as they say here in Italy, I decided to go for something completely different. The ingredients were ricotta, ginger, chocolate and the fourth was a theme, this month’s Judge, the lovely Deeba, had chosen Fall. My autumnal ingredient was apple but I still want summer to linger on so instead of giving in to my initial impulse to bake it in the oven, I decided to do go for freshness instead and used it as it were.

Ricotta, Ginger and Chocolate Filled Apple Halves

4 servings

2 apples of the crispy type
250 g/ 8,1 oz fresh ricotta
fresh ginger
50 g/ 1,75 oz dark chocolate
2 tsp honey (optional)

– Divide the apples length wise and carefully scoop out the apple flesh. Chop it finely and put it in a small bowl, add a little lime juice to prevent it to brown.
– Grate as much or as little fresh ginger on the apples, add ricotta and honey and stir well.
– Grate the chocolate and add it almost all to the ricotta, save some to use as a topping.
– Fill the apple halves with the ricotta mix, sprinkle the rest of the grated chocolate over them and serve.

Ricotta, Ginger and Chocolate Filled Apple Halves

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