Chocolate Macarons

I rarely duck out of a challenge, most of the time I run into them headfirst without thinking, sometimes they are life changing and sometimes they are minor but still important. Taking part of the Mac Attack is of the latter type. When I saw a lot of tweeting from the charming Jamie of Life’s A Feast about macarons and realized that this was going to be a macaron baking event, I immediately decided to participate because I never baked a macaron in my life and I could feel that this was beginning to be a real impediment and not at all good for my credibility as a food blogger. So I thought that this is the time, now or never and it almost ended up as never because when you are as stupid as I am and start baking macarons for the first time less than two days before the deadline, it is definitely risky business but, and I repeat it: but I made it! I managed and they were even good. Sure, they don’t have the perfect form and as I cannot find almond flour I have to make it myself which leaves me with a far grainer texture that the real stuff does. But then, it’s the taste that matters isn’t it? and the taste was great! I have now been bitten by the mac bug and I have bought a lot of more almonds so that I can go on baking them whenever I feel like it. Like now, so I better take out the eggs …

Chocolate Macarons

I used a recipe from Claire Clark’s excellent cookbook Indulge. 100 perfect desserts, her recipes are easy to follow and she gives a lot of tips about how to do things and this one was no exception, the only negative thing I have to say is that there must either be something wrong with the amount of cocoa powder given (only one tblsp) or she uses a far more concentrated cocoa powder than I do. But apart from that I was happy like a oinking pig ( I love pigs so this is meant as something positive) when I baked them. And my family when they ate them.

Thank You Jamie for making me do this, I loved it! If you want to see more about macarons and who the other macaron bakers are, check out Jamie’s blog tomorrow!

Chocolate Macarons

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