Details of a Wedding

The Cake

The Scene

I wonder if it is good for the soul to make the kind of short blitz visit we made to Milan, it has bewildered my soul which appears to be still travelling around somewhere, trying to find my body. I’m not really with it today so I am so very happy to have all these photos I made yesterday at the wedding, it reminds me of what a great time I had and what nice people I met! And the food too. There was a soup there that I want to try to re-create with some small changes to it so keep your eyes open in the near future. The wedding party was held in an old factory building that have been transformed into a wonderful multi-purpose space with a lot of room for all the children to run around in so they were happy, the adults were happy too but the happiest of them all seemed to be the teenage table where they were talking non-stop after a mute beginning, it was a joy to see! Yet again it was clear how much nicer it is at weddings when the spouses are great people like our friends are, their warmth and sense of hospitality made us all feel very good indeed.
On our trip back, we were accompanied by the full moon which led us safely back home to our abode and even though it was great to see lots and lots of houses and people crammed together, to feel and hear the smells and noises of a big city, I am so very happy to live where I live.

A Ship Full Of Bounty



The Wine


The Cake

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