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First of all I want to remind you that the Paper Chef is on so head over to find out the 4 ingredients!

Having said that, I can now turn my mind to what this post is really about, more photos from Sweden. The other day I went to Stockholm with my children so meet up with friends and to explore the capital of Sweden a little. I haven’t had the time for years to just walk around and enjoy Stockholm until now, I was always trying to see my parents as much as possible and last year we were busy taking care of the things that were left my my mother but this year I have all the time in the world to be a tourist here. Which is good because I am realizing that it is a bit dull not to be able to see my father and mother while I am here. The sadness have passed but I really miss to just be with them, enjoying their company, it is as if a vital dimension of my visits here has gone but I suppose this is yet another aspect of growing up. I just thought that at my age I had already finished growing up but I was obviously wrong, I don’t know if this good or bad though, should I see it as something that keeps me young maybe? But now I will stop my rambling and leave you to do something useful with your life!

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