It feels good to be back here in Tuscany even though it is pretty hot here, it forces you to take it easy which is good in one way but right now I am still full of that energy you usually have when you come back from a vacation, a wish to change is in the air, and it is such a waste not using it before I fall into the usual ‘torpor’. Torpor is probably not the right word but it feels like that in my mind, once upon a time I really liked making my home a nice place to live in but nowadays it feels more like I am keeping it liveable instead. That must change so keep your fingers crossed.

Before I start on this life changing project of regaining lost capacities and wishes, I would like to serve you a nice little piece of finger food, fresh cucumber sticks wrapped in hot frittata strips. I like eggs with chili pepper, they go so well together, and the freshness of the cucumbers makes a nice contrast. But you can obviously use some other vegetable and/or substitute the chili with chopped fresh herbs if you want, there are so many ways to do here!

Cucumber Bundles With Hot Frittata Ribbons

10 bundles

2 eggs
2 tblsp freshly grated parmesan cheese
1 pinch salt
fresh chili pepper, finely chopped. The amount depends on how hot the peppers are and your own personal taste
1 cucumber

– Whisk eggs, parmesan, salt and chili pepper until the batter is smooth.
– Make a thin frittata in a non-stick pan.
– Peel the cucumber and cut it into thin sticks.
– Cut the frittata into 1 cm/0,4 in wide strips.
– Take 4-5 cucumber sticks and make small bundles with them, wrap each with a frittata strip that you fasten with a toothpick.

Cucumber Bundles With Hot Frittata Ribbons

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