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Today I have some links that I would like to share with you:

Starting with food, one of the first food blogs I found when I started to blog was Barbara’s Tigers and Strawberries and I have since then tried to keep up with her blog. I like how she writes and what she writes even though I might not always agree but she makes me think and she is not afraid of expressing her opinion, something I appreciate a lot. I also enjoys the food she posts about and I learn a lot every time I go there so I felt that it was time to spread the word to new readers and bloggers.

The next link is to a blog post by Lydia over at The Perfect Pantry that has been haunting me since I read it back in July. It’s about ginger and it tells us how to grow it yourself in your garden, something that I really would like to do and maybe someone else out there too, it is really simple. Thanks Lydia!

And to round off the food section, I find this Food Timeline both interesting, amusing and a little mindboggling too actually because there is so much information and even though it might not all be correct, I love the passion put into this project!

Since I was little child of 4 and fell in love with the star constellation Cassiopeia, I always am on the look out for it and the other constellations I have managed to learn so the Neave Planetarium is just the place for me!

And do take a look at the art of Robert J. Lang, he creates the most fantastic things with origami!

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