Sicilian Bread

I usually don’t post recipes from cookbooks on Lucullian but today I am making an exception, I will post my adapted version of pane Sicilian or Sicilian bread from the same cookbook as the Italian Knot bread, Pane. Il piacere di preparare pane in casa by Anna Gennari. I like this bread book a lot and as most of you either can’t get it or don’t speak Italian, I thought that you might like to get another bread recipe from this book.

Sicilian Bread and Olive Oil

I have adapted it a bit, not much actually and I have tried to bake it with two different types of durum flour, the rimacinato or the typ of durum flour that has the same feel as the one you use for making fresh pasta and which is the one the recipe asks for, and the finely ground durum flour that you use for bread, cakes and cookies. I have to say that I prefer the outcome with the latter type, it has a better taste and conistence but with that flour I suppose it is less genuinly Sicilian so the choice is yours. I also use a high gluten flour instead of a normal Italian 0 flour the recipe uses. You often find this bread with sesame seeds on top.

Sicilian Bread

5 small ones or 2 big

750 g/3,2 cups durum flour, either rimacinato or the pasta type or the finer type
300 g/10,5 oz high gluten bread flour
550 ml/2,3 cups water
30 g/1 oz fresh yeast
30 g/ 1 oz extra-virgin olive oil
20 g/0,7 oz barley malt or honey
20 g/0,7 oz salt

– Dissolve the yeast in a little of the water. Add the rest of the water and mix well.
– Mix the flours and add the rest of the ingredients in a bowl. Work the dough until smooth. It should be a pretty hard dough.
– Leave the dough to rise covered in a lightly oiled bowl until it has doubled.
– Divide the dough, either you divide it into 5 pieces a 300 g/10,5 oz or you make two.
– Quickly form the pieces into round balls, put them on a baking sheet sprinkled with durum flour. Cover with a kitchen towel or plastic wrap.
– After 15-20 minutes fermentation, cut a crisscross pattern on the breads with a sharp knife. If you want them to be covered with sesame seeds, brush the loaves lightly with water.
– Let the bread continue to rise to double volume.
– Bake in a pre-heated oven (180°C/360°F) for about 40-50 minutes, you better check and knock on the bread to get it right.

Sicilian Bread-2wtmk.jpg

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