Bread Baking Buddies-the Roundup!

This month I have the pleasure of presenting our Bread Baking Buddies and I am happy to say as many as 14, no 15 food bloggers felt the calling and decided to bake the Italian Knot Bread I had chosen for the BBBabes to bake in May. And they did it so well!

I am happy that one of my Swedish fellow food bloggers and Lucullian readers decided to join us, Karin of Karin’s Kitchen even started a blog in English and I hope she will continue blogging there! And not only did she bake the knots once, she also made them again, using whole wheat flour.

From Sweden we now move over to India where Aparna from My Diverse Kitchen has been knotting away and made a bunch of lovely buns! I like the thought of them being baked in India, somehow I think they should go well with Indian food.

In the US we find Singing Horse’s Italian knots and just like the other Buddies’s, they look perfect! I am so impressed by how well our Buddies can tie a knot. You find her knots on her blog The Peaceable Kingdom!

And now we swoop over to Germany where Andreas has been baking in his Delta Kitchen, he made them last for several days and even made bread crumbs out of those remaining, that’s the way to deal with bread I think!

Melissa over at From Laptop to Stovetop has joined us for the first time and she did a great job! I especially like the line when she says that she had been told “everyone was making the Italian Knot Bread. I couldn’t dare to miss out, it looked so wonderful!”

Caitlin is a veteran Buddy, she has a long tail of badges on her blog the Engineer Bakerreally fine knots I have to say despite she couldn’t find the duck’s fat she would have liked to use. I’m sure they tasted great anyway!

Nancy from Corner Loaf really followed the recipe and even bought a year’s provision of lard in order to bake the knots, that is an admirable dedication to the art of baking, don’t you agree?

Here we have another dedicated Buddy, Judy of Judy’s Gross Eats searched shops both for the 00 flour and the lard but had to settle down with shortening but that made no difference to her marvellous knots.

Over in Austria at Paulchen’s Food Blog?! Astrid has done it this time, she stuck to the recipe and did not use spelt! Can you believe it? I think her knots are great but I now I can’t help wondering how they would be like if you made them with spelt! Astrid??

Madam Chow, you got the knots perfectly right! For those of you who are not fans of lard, Madam Chow of Madam Chow’s Kitchen made some changes to the recipe, all well within the limits, and her knots turned out really well so there’s no reason to use the lard argument as an excuse for not baking this bread!

I’m back in Italy where we find Natalia over at gatti fili e farina, she’s been baking the knots using her own starter instead of the biga of the recipe and by judging from the photos, it was a success!

Another Italian has been baking with us, Laura of Tiramisu‘ lives in California but comes from Venice . I have to say that I love her idea of adding sesame seeds on the buns, I just know that makes them even better!

Our second but last Buddie is Gea who thought she didn’t make it in time but how could I resist her Italian knots? Check them out over at her blog Koekje van eigen deeg.

You need to have some time at hand when you steer over to blog from OUR kitchen to read about Elizabeth tying the knot. Read it, it’s worth it!

We have another Buddy, Lien found her, I have added her even if she thought she was too late for the roundup because there’s always space for more Bread Baking Buddies so here she is, Marjoke of Company in my Kitchen who made these interesting looking knots, it might be me but I cannot see any mention of what she has added to them, I’d love to know because they look gorgeous!

And with her I have now finished this roundup and I would like to say a heartfelt Thank You to all of you Buddies, I am very happy you baked with us and that you liked the bread I had chosen! Love and Peace to you all!

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