This is life here right now


I use this photo as my desktop background because it is so summery to me, the green, white and yellow brings out my Swedish roots and make me think of past midsummers celebrated among flowers and grass. And friends too.


Right now the evenings here are lovely, when I step out on the stairs in the darkness to close the doors for the night, I feel the honeysuckle’s sweet perfume and the garden and the fields around us are filled with fireflies blinking, sending out their messages that I don’t understand but enjoy watching anyway.


This is my favourite gate. There are not many wooden fences and gates around here any more but this still stands and I pass it several times a day, either by foot or by car and it always catches my eye.


There are still a lot of poppies around but there’s more variety to it, just look at this that makes me think of those loose fur or feather collars that women used to wear. My grandmother still had some and they always seemed so glamorous to me.


But not everything is green, there are also soft carpets like this under some trees, with soft and cool colours and I am happy to rest my eyes on them now and then when garish Mother Nature is too exuberant!

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